The Bond

The Graham’s Vintage Port Bond entitles the holder to either 1x bottle (75cl) or 1x (6 x 75cl), as stated on the bond, of Graham’s Vintage Port or 1x magnum bottle (150cl) or 2x cases of magnum bottles (3x 150cl) of Graham’s Quinta dos Malvedos Vintage Port (For full definition of Vintage Ports see ‘Vintage Port – Definition’).

If, in the very unlikely event that no Graham’s Vintage Port is produced in the year for which you have purchased your bond, then the recipient of the bond will be offered a case of Graham’s Vintage Port from an alternative year.  If the recipient of the bond does not wish to receive a case of Graham’s Vintage Port from an alternative year, then the purchase price of the bond will be refunded in full to the recipient of the bond, or their legal guardian if they are under 18 years of age.

The bond may be purchased by any adult aged 18 years and over.  However, if the recipient of this bond is a minor, they are not legally allowed to consume the Port against which this bond is redeemed until they are aged 18 years or over.

The bond may only be exchanged for the bottle or case of Graham’s Vintage Port for which it was purchased and cannot be exchanged for the monetary value of the purchase, or any other product.  No negotiation may be entered into with John E Fells & Sons Ltd (the UK distributor of Graham’s) or Symington Family Estates (owner and producer of Graham’s Ports).

Like all investments the price of the Vintage Port can fluctuate, and the price paid for your bottle or case of Vintage Port may differ from those offered by merchants at the time of release.

The details on the Vintage Port bond will be filled out exactly as entered during the checkout process.  We recommend extra care is taken with spelling and accuracy, as Graham’s cannot accept any responsibility for incorrect details or mistakes, or charges for issuing of replacement certificates.

Delivery & Postage

For UK delivery only.

The purchase price of the bond includes UK excise duty, VAT and delivery to any address in the UK for both the bond certificate and the subsequent Vintage Port.  Deliveries to addresses outside of mainland UK, or in the Scottish Highlands & Islands, the Isle of Wight, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands may incur a surcharge.  At the time when the Port is ready for delivery, the purchaser of the bond will be contacted (using the details submitted at the time of purchase) to arrange delivery.

John E Fells & Sons Ltd will send the Vintage Port bond certificate in appropriate packaging using a dedicated courier service, but cannot assume responsibility for any damage, delays or loss as a result of the shipping process.

Once the Vintage Port is available in the UK and delivery details have been confirmed, your Port will be collected by APC’s dedicated liquid delivery service for shipping.  At this point neither Graham’s Port nor John E Fells & Sons Ltd can assume responsibility for the handling and delivery of the Port.  The recipient will receive a text or email advising them of a 2-hour delivery window.  This cannot be rescheduled, but if in the event that no one is available to receive delivery of the Port, APC will hold the Port at the local distribution centre for up to 5 days, where delivery can be rearranged, or the Port can be collected in person.  After 5 days, the Port will be returned to John E Fells & Sons Ltd, and any charges for returns and redeliveries will be passed on to the recipient.

John E Fells & Sons will be in regular contact with you to ensure that your Port is delivered for up to two years after the September Vintage release. If, however, we cannot contact you, Fells reserves the right not to fulfil the Bond, or issue a refund for any Port not claimed after this two-year period.

Vintage Port – Definition

The Vintage Port that you have acquired with this bond was (or will be) harvested in the autumn of the stated year.  Thereafter it will spend approximately 18 months maturing in seasoned oak barrels before it is carefully selected from only the best barrels and bottled.  Once bottled, it will be available for shipment to the UK approximately two years after the harvest.

General vintages are declared approximately three or four times each decade, when there are perfect growing conditions in the Douro Valley and in the Graham’s vineyards.  If a ‘General Vintage’ is declared at the time when your Port is bottled, your bond will be exchanged for 1 x 75cl bottle or 1 x wooden cases of 6 x 75cl bottles (as stated on the bond) of Graham’s Vintage Port.  In years when a ‘General Vintage’ is not declared, the finest wines from the finest properties are almost always declared as ‘Single Quinta’ (single estate) Vintage Ports.  If this type of vintage is declared, you bond will be exchanged for 1x 150cl magnum bottle or 2 x cases of 3 x 150cl magnum bottles (as stated on the bond) of Graham’s Quinta dos Malvedos Vintage Port.

Please note that only a relatively small amount of Vintage Port is produced in any given year, and that the total production is unlikely to increase significantly from year to year.  The Vintage Port you purchase is therefore valuable and may increase in value, providing it is stored under the right conditions (For advice on ageing Vintage Port please see ‘FAQs’).


Established in 1820, W&J Graham is one of the most famous names in Port and has long been synonymous with the greatest Vintage Ports.  The Symington family acquired Graham’s in 1970, and today it remains a wholly family-owned firm.  At the heart of Graham’s Port is the famous Quinta dos Malvedos in the upper reaches of the Douro Valley, as well as four other Quintas located in the finest districts of the Douro Valley.